Streaming events

Streaming events: broadcast and share your event with an audience far from you

Streaming events are an opportunity to expand the audience of a real-world happening to the virtual world.

By the term streaming, we mean a flow of data, that is, the transmission of audio and video that, starting from a source, is directed to a variable number of recipients. This transmission also happens in real-time.

It is like watching a live television program, with the difference that the content can be viewed not only on your computer but also on smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices.

With streaming events, it is therefore possible to involve a large number of people located all over the world. Think of organizing an annual convention for your company, with several locations in Italy and even internationally.

The physical event will necessarily have a location, which will exclude the most distant employees. With streaming events, it will be possible to organize a live broadcast to allow everyone to participate.

Streaming events could be even more useful for seminars and training courses, allowing all staff to come together and reduce time and costs.

Concerts, theatrical performances, and sporting events can also be the subject of streaming events, provided that a satisfying quality of vision for the user is guaranteed.

Professionalism and suitable equipment

If the technology required for the receiver for streaming events is limited to a support capable of playing videos and an internet connection, things are different for the source.

Professional equipment is necessary to guarantee an uninterrupted flow, as well as satisfactory video and audio quality.

Since it is a live broadcast, let’s not forget that streaming events always hide pitfalls. As they say, “it’s the beauty of live broadcasting!” Unexpected events are around the corner, and for this, you must always be prepared and have a backup plan (or even two), as happens for physical events.

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