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Event Setup - Staff Millennium Services: the perfect setting for your event

The success of an event starts with its setup, which is why our event agency and our event setup experts are the efficient and effective solution to impress your audience and create the right atmosphere for your communication.

The first impression is important, so leave nothing to chance and let our professionals take care of the atmosphere of your corporate event.

We will work with you to study the location to find solutions that combine quality and price in event setup. Our suppliers are leaders in their fields and combine high-performance services and materials with meticulous attention to precision and respect for planned deadlines.

Attention to detail

Our event setup experts will take care of your every need. From setting up conference rooms with seating for your guests and a stage for performances and congresses to arranging the sound and multimedia system, supporting video, concerts, projections, and microphone interventions.

Attention to detail is important, which is why we provide you with set designers and image professionals who will take care of decorations, floral design, and the creation and preparation of backdrops, sets, and event setups.

If you are looking for custom stations and furnishings, our designers and graphic artists will design and create advertising signs, customized desks, gadgets, and promotional flags under your direction, making your event setup unique.

We will find and book the best performers for your entertainment, hostesses for welcoming your guests, all accompanied by high standard catering.

Your ideas and projects will be followed 360° by our experts. Location, entertainment, hostesses, catering, and setup, we will take care of every moment of your event with efficiency and professionalism.

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