Procedures and permits for events

Practices and permits for events? We'll take care of it

Before starting to spend the budget dedicated to the organization of your event on various supplies such as audio and lighting equipment rental, stage rental, LED walls, drones, hiring of hostesses and stewards, etc., it is necessary to verify the feasibility.

A well-organized event first obtains all the permits, licenses, and authorizations, documents and certifications necessary for the peaceful and safe development of the program.

The permits to be requested may be different depending on the nature of the event itself:

  • sports event
  • music event (in this case, for example, SIAE permits will also have to be provided)
  • private event
  • public event.

In Italy, it is now a common belief that bureaucracy and the offices in charge of these practices are difficult to deal with.

We at Staff Millennium will take care of it for you. With over twenty years of experience in organizing events, we know how to move to obtain everything your special occasion needs.

The beauty of events is not bureaucracy

How beautiful events are, how envious some people feel when we say “we organize events”.

They believe it’s a world of glitter, tuxedos, dancers, and grand buffets, and certainly, these elements are not missing at times.

Often, the amount of paperwork and permits required to proceed is not considered.

In one of the 12 labors of Asterix, he had to obtain the A38 permit from a Roman public office. Things haven’t changed that much…

We don’t want to discourage you from organizing an event: they are actually unforgettable and exciting moments and also very lucrative from the commercial side.

We want to give you an example of this beautiful road tour organized for the Eolo brand.

A tour that took us to about thirty Italian squares and waterfronts and the client wanted the best places with the most traffic.

Perhaps one may think that it is enough to call the municipality and pay the audience: the reality could not be further away.

First of all, we don’t have to stand here and explain to you how the bureaucracy works between stamps, requests, sending projects, photos, site inspections with municipal technicians who see you only as one more thing to do.

The difference in these cases is made by experience and efficiency.

Do you know what it means to “pick up” a date with a similar client? It means lawyers probably.

Not only is experience decisive, but knowledge of the relevant offices and more, of the operator who will answer you. Well yes, familiarity and having already collaborated with a public administration or a location is a decisive value for being entrusted with one square rather than another.

When you’ve been going to the same restaurant for ten years, you get another treatment right? It is the same thing, certain dynamics are built over time.

Handling paperwork: what it involves

Our team will handle all the bureaucratic and administrative procedures necessary for your events in order to coordinate all activities correctly in compliance with regulations:
Specifically, we will take care of:

  • Assessing the requirements and conditions provided by regulations
  • Acquiring the SIAE License for events
  • Acquiring the SCF License for events
  • Requesting Health Assistance for events
  • Obtaining Temporary Derogation Impact Noise Authorization
  • Acquiring the temporary Sales License
  • Obtaining Temporary Concession for Public Land Occupation
  • Acquiring Temporary Public Show License
  • Obtaining Temporary Advertising Exhibition Authorization
  • Obtaining Transiting and Parking Authorizations
  • Assessing the suitability for Temporary Fitness of the location
  • Signing the Liability Insurance Policy for Events
  • Signing contracts with the location, artists, and suppliers
  • Obtaining the Fitness Certificate for entertainment workers
  • Drafting the Single Document for Assessment of Interference Risks (DUVRI)
  • Certified Start of Activity Notification (SCIA)
  • Requesting Authorization for the event from the Administrative Police

So, you understand that we will produce an incredible amount of documents.

You could do it yourself or completely delegate this hassle.


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