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Service audio and lighting, video and equipment rental for your events

Every event is different, but all events have some things in common.

One of the very first items to check off on the to-do list for organizing an event is related to the audio and lighting service.

At Staff Millennium, we take care of the audio, video, lighting, and equipment rental services for the success of your events, such as:

  • Public address system. During calm moments, do you want to leave your guests in silence or create a pleasant atmosphere with the help of suitable music for the context? Not only that: amplify the reach of your messages in all areas of the event, so that no one misses a single word.
  • Wireless audio system, to allow communication between sound devices without the use of cables, in order not to ruin the aesthetics of the environment or where there is no possibility to use a power supply electrical system.
  • Audio and video systems for concerts, weddings, musicals, fashion shows, conferences, corporate meetings, theatrical performances, sports competitions, and festivals.

Our audio-visual setups for concerts and events are suitable for sports facilities, large open spaces, indoor stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, and conference rooms.

Speakers and systems can be installed and used by specialized technical staff, who will be able to cope with any unexpected situations immediately. If you do not need technical assistance, we can simply charge you for the rental of audio and video equipment, large screens, LED walls, and projectors.

Audio lighting service: how it works

Our team takes care of designing the location from every point of view, including defining the most suitable supply of audio-video and lighting equipment for your event.

We move while respecting all safety regulations at work, from the equipment of our technicians to the permits necessary for the correct execution of the event.

If you want to amplify the power of your business, rely on Staff Millennium.

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