Renting stages

We make your events spectacular with stage rental and the right entertainment

Stages immediately evoke the concept of parties, performances, entertainment, or conferences.
After defining what kind of event you want our staff to organize for you, we can evaluate stage rental and setup together.

There are various types of stages, each with specific characteristics not always suitable for every context and location.
After defining the location and conducting a site visit, we will take care of finding the appropriate solution for your event.

Stages can be with or without a waterproof cover and have various uses such as:

  • sports
  • artistic (concerts, theatrical performances…)
  • fashion shows
  • beauty pageants
  • automobile or motorcycle exhibitions

They can also be transparent, very elegant for special occasions.

Or they can also be custom made by a carpenter when looking for a particular scenery or when a stage needs to be inserted into a non-standard situation.

We will take care of everything because we will choose the right stage for you, transport it to your event location, set it up, and rent everything needed for the success of what will happen on top of it, starting from the necessary permits for installation and use, to the rental of audio and lighting equipment.

Rent your stage safely

We guarantee that the rented stages have all the mandatory certifications:

  • technical report of the stage
  • annual inspection
  • certificate of proper installation.

Enjoy, along with your guests, the performances of artists, the speeches of the program’s speakers, the sporting exhibition in total tranquility.

We at Staff Millennium, an event organizing agency for twenty years, will be by your side and support you on this day, applauding when we see you climb onto your stage.

Without forgetting the temporary structures and coverings that are a quick and economical solution for setting up a location for events in an artistic and functional way.

In this regard, read our article on event coverings.

If the audience is very large, rent the LED maxi screens at your disposal: reach all your guests, even the farthest ones.

“After the party” you can rest because we will also take care of dismantling the stages, transporting them, and arranging the location, and we will do all these things safely.

Write to us in chat, fill out the form or contact us for your stage! One of us will follow you step by step to meet your needs!

Organize your event with us!

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