Rent LED walls, screens, and projectors


Give your guests an unforgettable experience with LED wall rental

Nowadays, it’s almost the norm to have a LED wall instead of a video projection, for the spectacularization of the scene and the possibility of having a real TV set at your event.

Our Ascender control rooms allow us to have a completely dynamic management of video signals and graphics on multi-layers, resulting in a surprising visual effect: only the imagination in the visual contributions can limit us (and for this, it needs to be created professionally).

We take care of your event from the design phase, paying attention to the rental equipment to be provided, including the creation of visual contents to be projected or broadcast, through LED walls.

We create memorable digital experiences to meet your expectations and, why not, exceed them.

LED screen and ultra-flat LED maxi-screen rental for your event

Some occasions require specific tools to achieve the desired impact on users and guests.

The rental of maxi LED screens and LED walls can find space not only in indoor events but also in:

  • Outdoor installations, thanks to the resistance to weather agents, water, and dust of the equipment provided
  • Temporary or itinerant events, since the lightness and practicality of assembly and disassembly allow you to take advantage of the potential of LED walls and maxi screens also for artistic tours
  • Sports events in places designed to accommodate a very large audience
  • Business meetings, to allow all attendees to enjoy presentations and speeches up close
  • Private parties such as company anniversaries, to project your memories and share them with your guests.

By relying on Staff Millennium and our team of professionals, we will take care of everything, for example, we provide the graphic setting of the contents, the certifications of the equipment, and the permits.

Do you want to know the prices for the rental of LED walls and maxi LED screens? Write to us.

The rental of projectors for events of all kinds

Do you want to organize an event that involves the projection of images, videos, or static in sequence, on various surfaces, indoor and outdoor?

Whether it’s a conference, a meeting, a demonstration, or an outdoor event, renting a projector could be the right solution for you.

Our team can take care of evaluating all the details of your event and defining which projector to rent, taking away the embarrassment of choice.

There are indeed short, very short, or long-range optical projectors, and it’s essential to find the tool suitable for the unique characteristics of your event, which takes into account the technical aspects of each tool.

We will delve into the technical specifications of each product: laser and lamp projectors, single chip, 3-chip, for large environments, covering a wide range of brightness, from 12,000 to 75,000 lumens, and we will calculate the focal lengths of the lens you need.

Do you already feel confused, right? Let us handle it!

Rent a projector, spread the power of images

The cost to be incurred for renting a projector is nothing compared to the intensity of the emotions it can unleash, especially if combined with adequate audio and lighting service.

Spread videos or images in squares, theaters, and cinemas through the rental projectors that Staff Millennium can provide you with, complete with safety and maintenance certifications.

Relax observing the evocative power of what we will have created for you in the environment you have chosen for your event: we will also take care of the necessary permits.

Dedicate yourself to choosing the material to be projected and to the guests, we will be able to satisfy you.

Or, if you want, we can also think about the contents to show your guests.

What do you want to project? Tell us.

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