Live streaming broadcast

Live Streaming: quality content broadcasted in real-time, wherever you want it.

Live streaming is part of the category we could define as the “new frontier” of marketing.

Users want faster and more immediate access to content, both in terms of functionality and availability.

Live streaming perfectly frames this need and satisfies it through accessible tools.

The problem is knowing how to use them! It’s not always easy to deal with this type of content, which can potentially be adapted to anything, such as seminars, debates, demonstrations…

The instantaneous availability of live streaming makes it the medium of transmission and content sharing of the future.

With skillful direction and the right equipment, it is possible to create high-quality live streams, far from the typical YouTuber tutorial.

Why choose live streaming?

For one simple reason: the infinite possibilities.

Imagine being able to broadcast your event, concert, training course, or anything else you want to a potentially infinite audience. Or, conversely, limiting the viewing to only the audience that interests you.

Also, consider the ability to transmit a very long content – again, there is no time limit.

Thanks to live streaming, even those who are at home can enjoy the show as if they were there.

Professional live streaming

However, making a leap in quality means providing high-quality content that is accessible to everyone and doesn’t face any technological or social obstacles. It’s necessary to consider all the involved factors.

This is what makes the difference between a professional and amateur live stream.

We are talking about web TV equipment, video production software for live streams, and a series of additional accessories that can further improve the quality of the transmitted content.

Why choose live streaming?

To set up a live stream, you’ll need:

  • A webcam
  • An encoder
  • A camera
  • A video lighting system
  • Alternatively, you could use an all-in-one solution that includes a webcam and an encoder in a single device.

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