Geodesic structures

What are geodetic structures (domes)? They are structures for events that can host meetings, fairs, exhibitions, corporate dinners, and much more.

Geodetic structures (or domes) as a solution for your event

Staff Millennium was born as an event organization agency.

Finding the perfect location, preparing the project, creating the schedule, directing and enjoying the success of the event has always been our passion.

Geodetic structures (domes) can help with this, as they allow you to create a perfect setting relatively easily and quickly. They are temporary structures made using galvanized or powder-coated steel cables that support a cover made of PVC or other materials.

They are called geodetic because they have the shape of a hemisphere: the geodesic dome is one of the most common solutions. These lattice structures can be modeled according to size: the larger they are, the more faces they will have, making them even more stable.

Advantages and features

They are made up of many triangles of axes or cables placed next to each other. This allows the structure to stand without the use of permanent measures such as internal walls or pillars. In geodesic domes, various events can take place, including sports and cultural events. They can also host lighting, audio, and video equipment thanks to the tube structure.

Thanks to geodetic structures, it is possible to organize an event anywhere and in any weather condition: the structures are resistant to rain, wind over 160 km/h, and more than 80 cm of snow.

The cover sheet can be customized: the structure can be different every time. In addition, thanks to backlighting, it will be possible to project light effects, videos, and images.

A new concept of structure, with extraordinary features that guarantee maximum performance for every event.

What do you need to do for your event? Simply contact us, and we will be able to offer you a series of geodetic structure proposals and organize your event from A to Z.

We will take care of finding the location, renting the structure, coordinating the service, directing, and much more. Our twenty years of experience and relationships that we have consolidated over the years with suppliers allow us to get the best for your business.

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