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Promoting an event - Staff Millennium's services and means: we communicate your event in the best way possible

Our event agency, through our experts, will be able to propose solutions in line with your budget and tailored to your guests’ target. Our almost twenty years of experience in this field allow us to offer not only expertise and creativity but also to have a portfolio of authoritative media contacts ready to promote your event.

Therefore, communication is a crucial step not to be underestimated. The means that can be used are diverse: TV, radio, billboards, flyer distribution, print, web, and word of mouth.

It is necessary to choose the most suitable one based on three factors: target, message, and budget.

The available channels

Let’s briefly discover some of the supports that Staff Millennium offers to promote an event:


We will manage your social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) by creating and sponsoring your event with professional paid advertising campaigns. We will also take care of creating content to be published before, during, and after the event to create hype and to retain the customer.

Our goal is to make them feel unique and important because they participated in an exclusive and glamorous event.

There is also the possibility of creating a short professional video to use as an advertising spot for social networks, especially given the latest trends that see videos as the most viewed and shared content by users.


We offer a graphic and design service to design the perfect poster for your event, where words and images blend perfectly to communicate your message simply and clearly. We will also take care of their posting throughout your city.


Our portfolio of collaborations makes us a reliable choice for advertising an event on traditional media. We will design, write, and produce a creative radio spot that will be memorable to listeners.

Our team of copywriters and professional speakers are at your disposal to create an on-air jingle that will catch the attention of your target audience.


Our press office will communicate your event to the major newspapers in your area, crafting a clear press release that will capture the attention of journalists. The writing style will conform to the norms of traditional journalism, expressing information in a simple yet effective manner.


One of the most classic methods of event promotion, our graphic design team will offer you a 360-degree promotion service through flyer distribution. We will create a design for your flyers according to your requests and will also provide professional hostesses who will not only distribute the flyers but also engage passersby in dialogue and empathy.


Our graphic designers, animators, and videomakers will produce a television spot for you using the latest technology. From special effects to graphic motion, we will cater to all your requests and assign a project manager to ensure that every detail is taken care of, resulting in a professional and high-quality end product.

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