Renting drones


Drone rental for spectacular photos and footage

Today, the experience lived by our customers and collaborators is perhaps what matters most. By offering them a memorable experience, you will be able to attract new partners and buyers who share your company values and are interested in your products or services.

At Staff Millennium, we know how to design emotions even in flight: through the rental of a drone, with or without an operator, we will produce material and memories for you with great evocative power.

Consider renting a drone during the organization of an event, a corporate anniversary, or a business meeting. We will take care of finding the right tool for your needs, obtaining the necessary permits for its use in the areas of interest, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and providing a backup for the device to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Why rent or hire a drone?

With a rented drone, you can take photos and aerial footage for different uses and channels to enhance your professional communication.

Moreover, our team can also support you with traditional ground photography and filming services, as well as high-quality video editing to promote your brand.

The price of drone rental does not include:

  • Insurance, which you can arrange with your trusted insurance agency.
  • Any damages caused by improper use of the drone by your operator. In this case, the damage amount will be deducted from the security deposit.

Tell us what you have in mind, and let’s make it happen.

Check out some of the videos we’ve made with the drone:

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