Hostess and stewards

Hostesses and stewards - Welcome your guests elegantly with event hostesses and stewards

Welcoming guests and visitors in an elegant manner, making them feel comfortable in our environment, is an art.

This applies to the business events that we organize for you and for them. It goes without saying that even hospitality requires a high level of training and experience, which is achieved by those who have made hospitality their profession: event hostesses and stewards.

Hostesses and stewards greet, inform, and often serve as the first point of contact for your guests with your company. While a professional appearance is important, it is not the only characteristic of the staff we choose to support you during your meetings and conferences.

Together, we will define the necessary skills and characteristics, such as foreign language proficiency, cultural awareness, personal qualities, and problem-solving abilities of each candidate.

The universe of hostesses and stewards

What do event hostesses and stewards do?

  • Welcome, register, and assist guests
  • Secretarial tasks
  • Security access control
  • Welcoming foreign guests
  • Coat check service
  • Assistance in the conference room
  • Customized tasks based on the event

Often, these figures help with setting up before the event and, once it begins, they wait for guests at the entrance, greet them, provide them with the necessary information for the day’s program, register and deliver access badges, hand out informational materials and giveaways.

Hostesses and stewards remain available to organizers and guests throughout the duration of the conference. Additionally, they may be responsible for distributing satisfaction questionnaires to clients, delivering participation certificates, and tidying up and closing the rooms, depending on the instructions received.

Event hostesses and stewards are key players in a successful event because they simplify the lives of the organizing companies. By relying on Staff Millennium to organize your event, you won’t have to worry about orchestrating the protagonists of your day because we will take care of it for you.

The key element of your event is the people who attend it.

Let’s work together: contact us, and we will organize meetings and conferences for your business.

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