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How does Facebook live streaming work and how can live broadcasts on social media benefit your business?

With Facebook live streaming, the world is at your fingertips. Just like celebrities share their everyday moments, you can also share your content with your fanbase in an easy and fast way. Zuckerberg’s social media platform introduced this tool in 2016, naming it Facebook Live. Simple and intuitive, this tool allows you to create live videos and includes the option to save them. Communication can take many forms, but some, like fashion, quickly become a trend. Today, the trends seem to be social media and video content, especially live. Combining these two things, we get Facebook live streaming, a tool that can be a powerful weapon to gain relevance in the feed of your fans. Have you ever noticed that Facebook itself gives prominence to this type of content? Normally, Facebook’s algorithm tends to prefer visual content over textual content, but this preference is even more pronounced if the video in question is a live broadcast. Furthermore, with Facebook live streaming, the possibilities multiply: it’s possible to create videos to broadcast to groups, making the content “exclusive” and offering added value to your fans. This would also encourage other users to become part of your fanbase in order to view the exclusive content.

The advantages and usefulness

Therefore, Facebook live streaming can be particularly useful for transmitting masterclasses, as well as for launching a new product (#funfact: Zuckerberg himself launched Facebook Live through a Facebook Live!) and various events.

The simple app for Facebook live streaming allows you to create a video that does its job at no cost, but to achieve results, you will need to take the live broadcast to another level.

This is possible through the use of professional tools and a real “production” team that can make your live broadcast memorable.

This is the difference between a live broadcast with a few followers and one where everyone is tuned in and there is real interaction. This is what ultimately makes you stand out among billions of other content.

A kit for streaming from your home

Most Facebook live broadcasts happen from home or from the office.

However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be a professional live broadcast!

You just need to equip yourself with some tools that can significantly simplify your work and, above all, guarantee you a streaming quality equal to that of live broadcasts with millions of viewers. Let’s see what they are!

The Blackmagic Web Presenter is an encoder that turns your sources into a webcam, allowing you to create a professional production from your home or office.

This webcam has a great quality/price ratio and allows you to obtain high-quality images for your live broadcasts.

Alternatively, there are all-in-one solutions that allow you to achieve the same result with a single tool.

This Sony Mirrorless digital camera with an APS-C CMOR Exmor 24.3 megapixel sensor has a high-resolution OLED Tru-Finder and a 3-inch tiltable display that can be flipped up to 180 degrees.

Finally, to get the right lighting, an LED lamp with a USB input that can reproduce warm or cool light is indispensable.

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