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Professional streaming and virtual studios without limits

Don't give up on your events!

Are you organizing a meeting, a congress, a training course? Thanks to our professional Live Streaming service, your event becomes accessible all over the world!

Streaming makes your event
accessible to everyone!

Event streaming is an opportunity to expand the audience of a happening from the real world to the virtual one. With event streaming you have no LIMITS, neither territorial nor of participants.

What are the benefits?


No restriction on the number of participants! 10 or 10.000 people can watch your live stream!


Thanks to streaming, your event becomes accessible to the world, surpassing territorial borders! Anyone can follow it in real time


By breaking down territorial and participant barriers, you can increase your profits by selling access to an unlimited number of users.


Imagine being able to broadcast your event, training course, or anything else you want to a potentially infinite audience. Or, on the other hand, limiting the viewing only to the audience you’re interested in.

Also, imagine being able to broadcast a very long content: again, no time limit.

Thanks to live streaming, even those who are at home can enjoy the show as if they were there.

Who is our service aimed at?

Our streaming service is aimed at companies, freelancers, organizations, and schools that organize:

How does our STREAMING service work?

We offer you a complete and flexible service according to your needs, all to guarantee you a high quality service!

Audio and video streaming

Depending on the need and type of event, you will be provided with the best audio-video technical solution. Possibility of having multi-camera control rooms and sharing content such as slides and videos.

Dedicated platform

In addition to the platforms that allow free live streaming (such as Facebook or YouTube), you can choose to have your own dedicated space that has no problems with flow or sudden censorship

Live chat

Full HD streaming where and when you want, with open or private sessions. You can choose to use a chat to interact with the audience or receive external audio/video signals and insert them into the transmission.

Take your streaming to another level

Your Virtual Studio or Stage

Thanks to this technology, we are able to reconstruct any setting, using 3D technology, fully customized by us based on your needs.

The dynamicity of the studio allows, thanks to different cameras, to have the TV studio as well as the stage of your event.

The depth, spaces, and the possibility of inserting powerpoints, films directly commanded by the speakers supported by our control room, make this technology totally immersive like a TV broadcast.

Here’s an example below!

How does it work?

Chroma Key is a technique used mainly in cinema and TV, which allows two or more films to be merged into one.

The Chroma Key (green screen) is replaced by images and videos, thanks to specific software, which will allow you to reproduce the scenario or even the studio you prefer

The final result

Why choose our streaming service?

Professionalism and suitable equipment

If the technology needed for the receiver for streaming events is limited to a support capable of reproducing video and an internet connection, for the source things are different.

Professional equipment is needed to ensure an uninterrupted flow, as well as a satisfying quality of video and audio.

Being a live broadcast, let’s not forget that streaming events always conceal pitfalls. As they say, “that’s the beauty of live streaming!” The unexpected is just around the corner, and for this reason, you must always be prepared and have a backup plan (or even two), as is the case with physical events.and have a backup plan (or even two), as is the case with physical events.

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